What is the difference between a betting exchange and a bookmaker's office

For those people who have been practicing betting on sports events for a long time, the concepts of "bookmaker's office" and "betting exchange" are not an empty phrase. That said, you don't have to be good at sports to be a successful player. Having a comprehensive knowledge of gaming systems can pay great dividends. It is best to have knowledge in both areas.

What are the differences between bookmaker and betting exchange

Despite the fact that both the bookmaker's office and the betting exchange are engaged in a homogeneous activity - accepting bets from gamers, there are still certain differences in their activities. In the event that you place a bet at a bookmaker's office, you will initially pay the percentage (margin, commission) that the bookmaker originally invested in it. There is practically no such margin on the betting exchange. This is what determines the high odds on such playing grounds. In fact, the betting exchange is a kind of "living organism", which is just as active as the players participating in it are. The more active they are on the exchange, the more tidbits for bets you can pick up.

On the betting exchange, players place bets with each other. However, if you decide to accept a bet from whom, carefully monitor the actions taken in order to prevent a wrong decision and loss of funds. Everyone can choose which gaming platform to choose. The most important thing is that the rates are not indiscriminate and chaotic. Do not bet only on the basis of the odds - this is the main path to the financial abyss, and also do not rush to quickly recoup from a momentary loss.

However, the most experienced players turn their interests more towards the betting exchange zone - there are much more opportunities there than in a bookmaker's office. Another specificity of the betting exchange is the betting markets. The more significant the event, the more players will play on it. It is important to note that although there are certain betting markets, this does not mean that the odds will be offered high on them. At the same time, the bookmaker accepts bets personally, it does not matter how many players are involved in one or another market. On the other hand, if a large amount of money is bet within the framework of one event for a certain outcome, the bookmaker may slightly shift the line in the opposite direction, thereby attracting hypothetical players who want to bet on the opposite outcome of the event.

Possibility to deliver express

Another feature of the bookmaker's office is the ability to place "EXPRESS" bets. So, you can select a whole group of events and in each of them try to predict one or another outcome. If you do everything correctly, then the odds of each outcome will be multiplied among themselves and then your bet will be multiplied by the product. On the betting exchanges, they are more careful about the possibility of making multiples. So, often this possibility is limited to a certain list of events. For example, if you have staged an event from the English Premier League on soccer, then the other events must also be selected from the English Premier League. On the other hand, you can also take express by yourself choosing the desired list of events. The main condition is the same - the events must be homogeneous. When multiplying the coefficients in the express bet, put on the betting exchange, the product will be much higher than in the express bets placed at the 88 fortunes online